Guide to Promotional Products

Guide to Promotional Products

How to Maximize Your Digital Campaign with Promotional Products

Sep 05

In today’s crowded digital world, simply relying on content and influencers for promotion is no longer enough to guarantee more sales. To make a strong impression on an audience , creative marke...

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5 Useful Promotional Merchandise for Schools

Aug 29

Schools are more than just educational institutions. While their main function is to provide education for students, schools also work as an environment where teachers, children, and parents come toge...

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Best Ways to Optimize Promotional Products During Your Event

Aug 22

It’s no secret that promotional products are still one of the most reliable methods to help customers remember your brand. There’s nothing more attractive and personal than receiving somet...

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Brand Highlight: Skullcandy

Aug 15

Music and sound gadgets are inseparable. When it comes to choosing stylish devices that produce excellent audio quality at a reasonable price point, Skullcandy is a brand that comes to mind. Let&rsqu...

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Modern Rustic Essential Office Supplies

Aug 08

Your office is not only a place where you work and spend most of your days. It’s also a representation of your company’s image to your guests and customers. For these reasons, it is import...

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Premium Promotional Products for Beauty Brands

Jun 27

Gone are the days when brands only relied on selling the benefits of their primary products to potential customers. Many consumers now expect unique offers and experiences when shopping for their favo...

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Essential Promotional Products for Your Race Charity Event

Jun 20

Whether you're looking to support a charity, raise brand awareness, or simply give your marathon participants a little extra incentive to reach the finish line, promotional products can be a great add...

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Why Every Business Needs Promotional Pens

Jun 13

Promotional pens are a cost-effective advertising tool that will bring in more exposure for your brand. They can be handed out at events, trade shows, or distributed to customers on the street to prom...

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Curated Pick of The Month: Customized Mug

Jun 06

Mugs are classic promotional products and for good reason. They are ideal as promotional items that can be used every day both at work and home. They are reusable and are more relevant now with the ri...

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5 Ways Nonprofits Can Benefit from Promotional Products

May 30

If you're a nonprofit organization, you know that every dollar counts. To increase donations and garner as much support as possible, the key lies in creating attractive publicity. Besides online adve...

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Promote Your Business with Tasty Treats

May 23

Snacking doesn’t happen for no reason. From cookies to candy corn, snacks of all flavors, shapes, and sizes bring pleasure and a good mood for everyone. Since your customers are the bread and bu...

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Top 5 Most Influential US Promotional Products, Study Finds

May 16

Building a steady business relationship with customers is crucial. One of the most important ways to enhance relationships with customers is to create a good customer experience. The better the cust...

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How Promotional Items Help to Create a Strong Brand Community

May 09

Doing business successfully in the digital era requires more than just having a positive brand image. To make sure your customers stay supportive of your business, building a brand community is crucia...

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Affordable Custom Party Favors for Wedding Planners

May 02

Choosing the right wedding party favors is an exciting moment for many couples during wedding preparation. Yet, it can be disappointing if the things they want are not in line with the existing budget...

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Promotional Socks That Actually Make a Difference

Apr 25

When most people think of giving back to the homeless, they picture donating money or food. But there's another way you can help that's often overlooked: socks. Believe it or not, proper footwear is e...

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Employee Rewards that Every Staff Member Will Appreciate

Apr 11

Recognizing and rewarding hard work is crucial to promote employee engagement and motivation. Gift giving has been shown to be an effective way of showing recognition, which in turn boosts morale, re...

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5 Promotional Products for Instagram Giveaways to Grow Your Business

Mar 28

Any small and growing company know that growing your pool of the market is important. A lot of businesses are relying on social media channels to do just that! One of the most popular social media pla...

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How to Run a Viral Promotional Products Campaign

Mar 21

If you're a marketer, one of the things on your to-do list is probably running a viral marketing campaign. For most marketers, reaching millions of individuals can seem like an impossible task. The ...

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Here’s How You Can Save Money When Ordering Promotional Products

Mar 14

If you’re considering promotional items as a method to generate money and sales, you’re in the right place. You know you’ve made the right decision if your investment in branded item...

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How To Warm Up Cold Leads With Promotional Products

Mar 07

With new year's resolutions still fresh on everyone’s mind, many people are looking for ways they can improve themselves or show gratitude. And with that mindset, it might be a perfect opportuni...

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Curated Pick Of The Month: Premium Custom Laptop Bags

Feb 28

Now and then, we curate a list of the top promotional products that are perfect for you to give to your employees and clients. If you’re in the market for a promotional product, we can think of ...

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8 Items To Give Your Employees During A Virtual Meeting

Feb 21

We’ve almost hit the 2-year mark of working from home and with the back-to-back virtual meetings, we’re not going to lie, it gets tough. The lack of human interaction can hinder effective ...

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Popular Wellness Items For Your Employees Kits

Feb 07

Employee wellness is an important factor in a productive and healthy team. In fact, studies suggest that organizations with strong wellness programs can boost productivity by up to 10%. That is enormo...

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Best Hoodies for your Promotional Products

Jan 31

If you’re looking for the very one promotional item that stands out above the rest, it will be the hoodie. The hoodie is ideal as a welcome gift for new employees, as part of your company's unif...

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Back To Office Employee Kit for 2022

Dec 27, 2021

With the holiday season coming to an end, so are most companies’ work-from-home policies. It’s a fresh start for a lot of businesses that are planning to welcome employees back to the phys...

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Promotional Products To End The Year With a Bang

Dec 02, 2021

The year 2021 is coming to an end, and what better way than to end it with a bang with customized swag items? The end of the year is always the right time to celebrate and showcase your company'...

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8 Eco-friendly Trending Promotional Products Brands are Going For

Nov 29, 2021

Climate change has become a more relevant issue now more than ever. If you’re looking for personalized merchandise that supports your company’s effort in reducing carbon footprint, eco-fri...

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Promotional Screen Cleaners

May 06, 2021

Since touch screen technology has come to stay, so have fingerprints and smudges. Erase dust and smudges with cell phone screen cleaner promo items from imprinted screen swipes to lint sticks, keybo...

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