Occasions to Give Gifts

Occasions to Give Gifts

Gifts for World Baking Day

3 days ago

From chewy brownies, crusty bread, and pie to pastries and cakes, baking has a long history that can be traced back 15,000 years ago. A great deal has changed in the world of baking, and thanks to mod...

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Gifts for National Chocolate Chip Day

May 15

If you can think of a life-changing invention that was totally accidental, what would it be? Are you thinking of the microwave, Penicillin, or even matches? Well, we’ve got one you can add to yo...

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Gifts for National Cocktail Day

May 13

People probably started combining beverages not long after the development of liquor, but it wasn't until the 17th and 18th centuries that the first historical records of cocktails appeared. Where, wh...

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Gifts for National Twilight Zone Day

May 11

If you're a science fiction and fantasy fan, you probably heard of the iconic Twilight Zone television series that ran from 1959 to 1964. This revered and genre-bending show was created by Rod Sterlin...

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Gifts for National Lost Sock Memorial Day

May 09

Raise your hand if you've ever lost a sock before. Did you know that Americans lose up to $10 billion worth of socks each year? Researchers have established that a person can lose more than fifteen p...

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Gifts for National Tourism Day

May 07

In the 18th century, travel for leisure was initially reserved for the affluent and higher classes of society. Thanks to technological developments in transportation, more people can afford to travel ...

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Gifts for National Cartoonists Day

May 05

Do you have a favorite cartoon from childhood? We've sat through at least one cartoon series or have read a comic book at some point in our lives. Cartoons might be all humor and fun, but did you know...

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Gifts for National Teacher Day

May 03

Teachers are, without a doubt, one of the most influential people we will ever encounter in our lives. Teachers invest their time and energy into molding students into future leaders, offering advice,...

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Gifts for Therapeutic Massage Awareness Day

May 01

If you feel you haven't been getting enough sleep lately, get a massage. It's believed that an hour of massage is equivalent to getting seven to eight hours of sleep while increasing levels of endorph...

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Gifts for National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

Apr 30

According to abandoned animal statistics of recent years, the number of stray animals in the United States has reached 70 million. Approximately 6–8 million cats and dogs enter animal shelters e...

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Gifts for National Telephone Day

Apr 28

When you answer the phone, do you say “hello,” or “ahoy-hoy”? We know what you’re thinking. Why would you say “ahoy-hoy” when you’re not a pirate, righ...

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Gifts for Get Organized Day

Apr 26

NAPO, or the National Association of Professional Organizers, says that we spend one year of our lives looking for lost things. That's 8,700 hours or 522,000 minutes of our lives! That time could have...

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Gifts for National Pet Parents Day

Apr 24

If you have pets, then this day is for you! National Pet Parents Day is a great day to celebrate being a pet owner. Over 90.5 million families in the United States have pets, according to the National...

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Gifts for National Earth Day

Apr 22

Earth has sustained us for millions of years. We are fortunate to have a planet that can provide for our needs and allow us to co-exist with beautiful animals. As we celebrate National Earth Day, let'...

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Gifts for World Stationery Day

Apr 20

We may be living in a highly digital world, but there’s nothing like using analog tools such as pen and paper to write down thoughts. For many people, paper and pen are still their go-to tools f...

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Gifts for National Piñata Day

Apr 18

Piñatas are ubiquitous in Mexican parties. No fiesta is complete without these papier-mâché figures filled with treats. While piñatas now come in all shapes and sizes, mostl...

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Gifts for National Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet Day

Apr 16

Some of us may have felt we were doing the right thing by flushing them down the toilet or tossing them in the garbage, but we were actually doing more harm than good. These disposal methods have a ne...

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Gifts for National Rubber Eraser Day

Apr 15

Back in the day, you'd need bread to erase pencil markings. Yes, you read that right! Crustless bread was often moistened and formed into a ball to erase graphite marks. Nowadays, we have rubber eras...

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Gifts for National Scrabble Day

Apr 13

Believe it or not, the world-famous Scrabble board game was invented by an unemployed architect. During the Great Depression, Alfred Mosher Butts, like many Americans, was desperately looking for work...

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Gifts for National Pet Day

Apr 11

More than half of the American population have pets, according to the National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association. Millennials accounted for the largest share of pet ...

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Gifts for National Chinese Almond Cookie Day

Apr 09

In many parts of the world, Lunar New Year can be a grand celebration and often involves lots of fireworks and delicious food. It’s common in China to serve old-fashioned Chinese almond cookies ...

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Gifts for National Beer Day

Apr 07

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. With over 50 billion gallons of beer consumed annually, it is one of the most consumed beverages worldwide. Beer is also known as one of the m...

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Apr 05

Since the conceptualization of the USB flash drive in1998, the device has been launched into marketplaces worldwide and continues to be popular to this day. Who really invented the device is up for d...

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Gifts for World Party Day

Apr 03

When you think of parties, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? It might be the food, the dancing, or maybe the drinks. No matter what you associate the word “party” with...

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Gifts for April Fool’s Day

Apr 01

If you love pranks, then you probably love April Fools' Day. While some gags and pranks on this day are downright outrageous, most of them are done simply for a dose of light-hearted fun. Most of us ...

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Gifts for National Take A Walk In The Park Day

Mar 30

When was the last time you visited a park and had a relaxing morning walk? If you can't remember, chances are, it's been quite a while. So how about celebrating "National Take A Walk In The Park Day"...

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Gifts for National Scribble Day

Mar 27

Diane Alber, author of the book "I'm NOT Just a Scribble", decided it would be an excellent idea for children to create messages of kindness in a more creative way. She encouraged children to draw scr...

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Gifts for National Puppy Day

Mar 23

You don’t need us to tell you how wonderfully cute and cuddly puppies are. True, they can be rambunctious and naughty, but they can be a source of joy, especially when we’re having a tough...

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Gifts for National Proposal Day

Mar 20

For hundreds of years, love letters have captured the imaginations and emotions of people all across the world. Although the medium and content have evolved, the goal has remained the same: to profess...

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Gifts for National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day

Mar 18

Some of our favorite holidays are the ones that include food and sweet treats. So we’re incredibly excited for National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day! Many say Lacy Cookies are difficult to make becau...

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Gifts for National 3-D Day

Mar 16

You might have watched “Avatar,” James Cameron’s amazing film. It was shot with the Fusion Camera System, which was developed to shoot films in stereoscopic 3D. The film is widely re...

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Gifts for National Write Down Your Story Day

Mar 14

Throughout history, authors, artists, and scientists have kept journals to document their ideas and observations. Take, for example, Marie Curie’s journal. It’s littered with sketches and ...

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Gifts for National Pack Your Lunch Day

Mar 10

Your lunchbox from childhood is probably worth way more than you thought. The nostalgia for the brightly-colored lunchboxes has fueled a thriving collecting industry. Allen Woodall, the owner of the l...

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Gifts for Finisher's Medal Day

Mar 07

Any triumphant win deserves outstanding recognition. And what better way to pay tribute to hard work and dedication than a medal anyone can display with pride. To excel at any sport demands utmost di...

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Gifts for National Anthem Day

Mar 03

The celebration of National Anthem Day, which takes place on March 3 each year, honors and celebrates the illustrious history of the United States of America’s national anthem, “The Star-S...

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Gifts for National Pig Day

Mar 01

Today is the day of all Sus domesticus. No idea what we’re talking about? It’s our favorite even-toed hoofed mammal, the pig! On National Pig Day, we’re honoring these adorable and i...

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Corporate Gifting Done Right This Christmas

Nov 25, 2021

Building a good brand presence should not stop at just your clients. Corporate gifting can further your company’s goals and when done right, can be an effective way to show your employees apprec...

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