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Since 1995, Promotional Products has given thousands of members to access to tens of thousands of customized promotional items and the services to use them to their best advantage.


By becoming a member now, you can help your business or organization to get your brand image and message out to the desired audience in a way that has a more lasting impact and is far easier on your budget than traditional advertising.

Unbeatable Prices! 

Our selection of many thousands of promotional items come from quality brands worldwide. Because of the supplier relationships we have built over the years and our volume of sales, we can pass on some of the best savings in the industry to our members.

On-Time Delivery & Guaranteed Satisfaction

When you make an order, it will be delivered on time – guaranteed. And your satisfaction with the quality of your promotional items and the presentation of your image or message are also guaranteed. If any problem arises, we will act swiftly to correct it or redress it with a credit or money back.

A Customized Experience

No matter what level of experience you have with customized promotional merchandise, we provide the tools and services that allow you to make what you imagine real. Whether it’s creating a fast mockup of a design, easily uploading art for your logo, managing a library of images, or contacting one of our experts for fast help – we have you covered.

Special Rebates

To show how we appreciate your business, we have two different rebate programs for members. You can get a cash rebate for each new member you refer. And with our Annual Spend Rebate, you can get a 2% discount on orders.

No-Charge Rushes

In a rush? No problem. We can turn around orders quickly if needed – often with 24 hours. And we do this without extra cost.

Free Samples

Do you want to see and touch a sample of a promotional product; to make sure it’s right for your needs before you buy? No problem. We’ll sheep you a free sample on selected items.

Customized promotional products work. Period. Research shows time and again that recipients have a far greater recall of a company's name than if similarly placed in television, radio, newspaper advertisements. Promotional gifts also don’t wind up crumpled in the trash or unclicked on screen.

The right personalized merchandise – whether apparel, an emblazoned travel mug or logo-bearing USB flash drive preloaded with your presentation – is valued and kept. And your branding image or message is seen every time it is used.

As one of our members, you will soon discover how fast, easy and inexpensive we make it for you to harness the power of customized promotional marketing.

Selection and Service

You can easily browse and buy items from our extensive inventory by brands, by categories, by collections or by specific products. If there’s something you want but can’t find, contact us by phone or email, and we will do everything we can to help you.

Through our site and via email updates, we will keep you up to date on discounts, clearance sales, and the arrival of new products, industry trends and much more.

The Tools to Help You

If you become a registered member of Promotional Products, you will have access to the resources you need to create effective customized promotional items, including our Tools & Services, Design Lab, Art Library and the detailed information in your Order History. By giving you easy control over your targeted promotions, we ensure you get your message across and the results you need.

The Speed You Need

Business sometimes needs to move at breakneck speed. We will always deliver on time, and can accommodate rush orders at no extra cost. The on-time delivery and your satisfaction are both guaranteed.


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