4 Benefits of Ordering Promotional Products before the Holiday Season!

  • Nov 11, 2021

The Christmas season is just around the corner! 


It’s the time of the year when HR professionals and people managers go all out on corporate holiday planning. Remote work has made it increasingly challenging for companies to foster strong connections with their employees, and companies are finding ways to show their appreciation like never before.

Preparing for a successful corporate holiday event takes a lot of work and even more planning.  There are a lot of checklists that need ticking off; from managing employees’ time off, planning a virtual holiday town hall to finding memorable swag or promotional products that can make meaningful connections. 


How do top companies make sure that their holiday celebrations are a hit?  How do they create meaningful connections with their clients and employees?


They plan early!


promotional gifts


Most companies we work with begin ordering customized merchandise at least 2 to 3 months in advance.  With early planning, they are able to get the best gifts for their teams on time, without hiccups. 


Here’s why planning corporate holiday gifts early are the way to go:


1.More detailed customizations and personalization are available


Planning early means that you will have more time to envision what you want your holiday gifts to look like.  Remember, in reality, specific customizations and designs may take more time to create than others. 


For example, if you’re looking to make Christmas-themed advent calendars with different drawer measurements and odd-sized trinkets, more time is needed to get it done right. 


Our merchandise expert is here to help make your customized gifts come to life within your timeline. However,  starting early means that we have more time to customize it to your satisfaction and we can deliver your ideal goods without any compromise.


2. Skip the headache of holiday logistics


Shipping and logistics during the Christmas holidays are always a pain and this year will not be any different. Anyone who has dealt with last year’s corporate shopping knows firsthand how the pandemic has affected supply chains and shipping operations globally. 


As remote work continues to be in place, companies are sending gifts to the homes of individual employees instead of having them sent to just one location- the office. This means that timelines for delivery need to be stretched further. Ordering early means that all employees can get their corporate Christmas gifts without any delay. There’s no better holiday joy than receiving a timely Christmas present!


3. More time to ask your employees and clients what they want!


It could be the 3rd or 5th year that you’ve been tasked to plan a seasonal holiday gifting order, and you’ve run out of ideas. It’s hard to pick from the many options available in the market and gifting employees a tumbler three years in a row is just lazy. 


The best thing about being early in the Christmas shopping game is that you can let your employees or clients decide what they prefer. A quick employee survey or feedback form will take the headache out of the holiday shopping and guarantee custom gifts that your team will love!


4. Better deals and saving more


There are usually a handful of seasonal items that are long coveted or ordered repeatedly every year. A lot of companies often pay a heavy price (literally), because they wait too long. 


The vendors who supply the most in-demand products usually have a limited supply each year. Companies who order at the last minute tend to pay a premium price to get coveted items that are low in supply. The early bird gets the best options and the better deals.


Plan your holiday celebration right


The right corporate gift can strengthen relationships and foster meaningful connections with your clients and employees. Sending them customized gifts is a great way to create a memorable and lasting impression.  Let us help you stand out from the crowd!


Our highly curated, highly customizable promotional products are versatile and easy to order. With a dedicated merchandise expert, watch your customized gifts come to life this holiday season.


If you want to talk to someone about customizing your corporate gifts, click here to get started.


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