Back-to-office Employee Kit for 2022

  • Dec 27, 2021

With the holiday season coming to an end, so are most companies’ work-from-home policies. It’s a fresh start for a lot of businesses that are planning to welcome employees back to the physical office. 


We understand that the process of transitioning from working remotely to commuting into an office space is difficult for employees and managers alike. This is why many companies are now providing ‘welcome back’ kits for those who have been out of the workforce for some time. 


Soon, your workers will find themselves thrust into a whirlwind of projects and emails in the office. And wouldn’t it be nice for them to have everything they need to hit the ground running so they can work productively from day one?


Here is the list of promotional products we have curated to help you get started:


1. Care Kit

Sanitizers and face masks are still the essentials in every swag bag. Have your personalized merchandise customized with a witty message to inject a little humor to help encourage employees to use the care kit.


Wellness On The Go With Cotton Carrying Pouch

This compact cotton pouch set includes an antibacterial wet wipe packet, a door opener stylus, and a hand sanitizer bottle. Color imprints and pouches are available in different colors.


Work Kit

This kit includes a zippered storage bag that can be imprinted with your company logo. Inside, you will find single-use gel sanitizer packs, a cotton mask, disposable vinyl gloves, and a reusable forehead thermometer. The latter is always handy to have for every employee!


Adult 5-day Mask Kit


If you already have a permanent sanitizing station in place in the office, this will be preferable for you. Five cotton masks for every day of the working week, fully customizable with your company logo.


2. Productivity Gadgets

Get your employees set up right so they can work comfortably to be more productive. Below are some of our highlighted promotional products that your employees need to shine during Zoom meetings!


Cable Keeper Charging Buddy Kit

This stylish charging kit includes a hardy keeper pouch and a braided charging cable that can withstand prolonged wear and tear. A great alternative  than your ordinary plastic one.


USB Hub 3-in-1 Keychain


This handy USB hub will allow your employee to charge many of their gadgets at once. Designed in a keychain format, this is one promotional item your workers won’t ever lose.


Avalon Mouse Pad with Wireless Charger

If you find yourself with an extra budget, this fancy mouse pad will ‘wow’ your employees. Wireless charger combined with a soft leatherette mouse pad to allow more effective mouse movement and charging of their mobile at the same time.


3. Fulfilling Meal

Happy employees perform better! Utensils for communal sharing may become less popular for hygiene and safety reasons as workers become less keen to share with other colleagues. Having personal utensils for your team is one way to have them enjoy their meals without worries.


Habanera Ceramic Mug

This ceramic mug with a tapered design comes with a handy plastic lid with a drink opening that allows for easy sips. The lid helps to keep content inside the mug clean from unwanted debris.


Pack & Go Lunch Set


This lunch set is as sturdy as it goes. With compartments to keep food separate and clean, it is also  microwave safe. Your colleagues can easily dig into their meals with joy when it’s lunchtime.


Metal Cutlery Set

When buying lunch, takeaways become unavoidable. Having portable cutlery may come in handy. This 3-piece cutlery set slides out to include a complete spoon, fork, and knife; it also doubles as a bottle opener when the occasion calls for it. You can laser engrave your logo on the set to add a personal touch to it.


Whether you plan to give your workers a warm welcome back with a personalized kit, or are looking for promotional products that will help foster connections with your staff members as well as promote your company culture at large, we’ve got you covered! 


These personalized kits tell employees that you care about giving a conducive environment for them - including a sense of belonging in your company culture.   


Contact today and our experts will be happy to advise you on planning the perfect welcome kit.

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