Corporate Gifting Done Right This Christmas

  • Nov 15, 2021

Building a good brand presence should not stop at just your clients. Corporate gifting can further your company’s goals and when done right, can be an effective way to show your employees appreciation,   build better relations and increase the productivity of your team. . 


More companies are looking for avenues to stay in touch with their loyal clientele and let their remote employees know that they are remembered despite the distance during the holiday season.


There is no rocket science formula when it comes to corporate gift-giving. So how do you do corporate gifting the right way? 


1. Know your goal

Define the objective and what you hope to achieve through the gift. There are many reasons why companies are handing out corporate gifts.


  • Showing appreciation and to boost employee engagement
  • Foster stronger relationships with loyal clientele and encourage continued business
  • Increase lead conversions through additional physical touchpoints


Once you’ve defined your strategy, outlining the goals will help in your decision-making process to ensure the gifts you choose are going to make an impact.


2. Who are you sending it to

Knowing your target audience will help you narrow down what people will want. For example, if your VIP clients are an environmentally conscious company, you’d know what to avoid and know to choose the appropriate gifts that are aligned with their vision and mission. 

Be remembered and not thought of as an afterthought. Avoid being generic and choose something that you’d be remembered for. 


If you are celebrating a special milestone that happens to fall during the holiday season, gifting your employees something they’d cherish yet spells company culture will be greatly appreciated. Instead of the typical hoodie or scarf, a thoughtful gift will go a long way to create a memorable and lasting impression.

3. Set your budget

This is one of the most important yet often overlooked aspects during promotional gifting research. Not being able to define a clear set of budgets can result in mismatched expectations -   you will spend more time searching for the wrong gifts that result in back and forth communication. Knowing your budget means that you’d be able to quickly filter out all the products that might not fit and focus on those that do. 


At Promotional Products, we are able to fulfill a customizable order with a minimum order of only $500. Speak to our merchandise expert -   we will happily advise you on choosing and designing the right customizable gifts that are within your budget range.


4. Picking the right gifts

Research is important at this stage. With the right goals in mind, a clearly defined target audience, and a fixed budget, you’d be able to narrow down your search. Find out what is trending and avoid what’s been sent out before. 


With more than 70 product categories, there is something for everyone here at Promotional Products. If you don’t know where to start,  our friendly merchandise expert will be able to help you make gift recommendations and list our top-selling products in our curated collections. 


5. Experience is key


Personalized gifts go a long way. Slapping your logo on a tumbler or t-shirt doesn’t quite make an impact without the right context. With customization options available, you will be able to select and mix-and-match the contents of your gifts in a box or swag bag. Have fun customizing your gifts, in fact, we encourage you to!


Be it a small or big order, we can have your gifts delivered to every individual across the US and Canada.  Make the jolly season a memorable one for your clients and employees, to remind them that no matter the distance, they are important to you.


Corporate gifting done right!


 If you like what you read and want to jump ahead to building your customized corporate gift, enquire below and our merchandise representative will get in touch with you. At Promotional Products, we are here to help you deliver your brands the way you want to be remembered.


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