Gifts for Cycle to Work Day

  • Aug 6, 2022

For many people, cycling can take care of two major problems in many places around the world: pollution and congestion. It's no secret that cycling leaves virtually no carbon footprints, so it makes sense to encourage it as a more sustainable mode of transportation for many major cities. A great example of this is Amsterdam, the bicycle capital of the world. More than 800,000 bicycles are used there, and it is the preferred way of traveling by many residents.

Aside from being environmentally-friendly, It's no secret that cycling has multiple physical and mental health benefits. The physical activity involved in cycling releases endorphins, our "feel-good" hormones that make us happier. In addition to that, regularly cycling lowers the risk of being stressed. As we celebrate Cycle to Work Day, let us remind ourselves of these benefits.


When you want to encourage cycling among your customers and employees, why not equip them with valuable products that can keep them safe and make their rides much more enjoyable? Bike fanatics will love this Biker Essential Kit that can mitigate some risks of riding a bike, like getting a flat tire or having to do repairs in the middle of nowhere. Don't forget this Clip-On Safety Light to keep them safe too. These promotional products can be taken wherever they go, so you'll know your brand stays in their minds. Call us to request a quote today or visit our website for more promotional items that you'll be proud to share with your customers!

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