Gifts for National Handwriting Day

  • Jan 23, 2023

When was the last time you wrote a handwritten letter for a friend or perhaps to profess your love for someone?

Before you roll your eyes and tell us how corny we are or tell us you can easily do this via apps, you'll be surprised to know that most people love getting handwritten letters—something they can actually hold on to while reading. In our modern, digital world, handwritten letters are a rare commodity. How rare, you say? In 2010, the typical American household only received a personal letter once every seven weeks, a significant decrease from once every two weeks in 1987 when the United States Postal Service conducted the same poll. In a 2021 CBS News survey, 15% of the 1,717 adults surveyed stated that they had never written and sent a personal letter. Even though letters are becoming increasingly uncommon, another survey indicated that 81 percent of respondents believe that a handwritten note carries more value than an email or a text message.

It's not only handwritten letters that are becoming less common. For people who love to journal, they have thousands of apps to choose from. They'd rather type their thoughts on their smartphones or tablets. There's nothing wrong with that. However, there are still some who prefer writing in a notebook with a pen. Are you one of them?

This National Handwriting Day, celebrate it by writing a letter or two to someone you care about. And if you love to get into the habit of journaling this year so you can practice your handwriting, then The Perfect 3 Gift Set, complete with a lunch bag, notebook set, and tumbler, will set you up for a year of writing wherever you are. Want to request more information about this product? Give us a call today!

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