Go Green with Your Marketing: Sustainable Branded Merchandise Ideas

  • Nov 19, 2023

Today's consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z, expect brands to be eco-conscious. They actively support companies with sustainable practices and values. One way brands can showcase their commitment to sustainability is through green promotional products.

Eco-friendly swag made from recycled, natural, and sustainable materials allows brands to reduce their environmental impact while appealing to modern consumers. Here are some of the top environmentally-friendly promotional products to incorporate into green marketing strategies:

Recycled Plastic Drinkware

Promotional drinkware like water bottles, tumblers, and mugs made from recycled PET plastic diverts waste from landfills. Choosing post-consumer recycled plastic reduces the use of virgin materials. 

Reclaimed Wood Products

On-trend wood promotional products like sunglasses, device cases, journals or coasters use reclaimed lumber from old barns, fencing and buildings. Branding laser engraved on reclaimed wood makes a rustic, eco-statement.

Upcycled Bags and Accessories

Trendy backpacks, totes, wallets and tech sleeves made from recycled materials like plastic bottles, seatbelts, and fabric scraps give used items new life. 

Sustainable Apparel

Eco-conscious apparel uses renewable bamboo, organic cotton, recycled polyester, hemp, and other sustainable textiles. Brands like Patagonia, Pact, and Known Supply offer ethically made custom tees, hoodies, caps and other apparel.

Natural Fiber Products

Sourced responsibly, renewable materials like jute, seagrass, bamboo, coconut husks, and wood pulp make eco-friendly promos. These natural fibers are biodegradable too. Great for bags, hats, planters and more.

Plantable Seeded Paper

Seeded paper promotional products literally plant the seeds to help the environment. Embedded wildflower or herb seeds sprout when recipients plant item after use. Offers include cards, brochures, mailers, bookmarks and even plantable business cards.

Reusable Straws

Plastic straws are destructive ocean pollutants. Promote sustainability with reusable metal, bamboo or glass logoed straws. Add cotton pouches for safe transport. Help reduce single-use plastic waste.

Bee-Friendly Seeds and Plant Kits

Brands like BeeWorks and Honeybee Gardens offer promotional seed packets and mini pollinator garden kits to raise awareness of the essential role of bees in the ecosystem. Position your brand as helping the bee population.

Solar-Powered Tech Gear

With solar cell phone chargers, emergency radios, flashlights and more, brands can promote clean energy. Useful for outdoor events and reminding recipients of eco-values. 

Donations and Cause Support

Tie promotional campaigns to environmental donations or causes like tree planting, clean water, or supporting national parks and sanctuaries. Communicate commitment to sustainability.

Minimalist Packaging

Skip wasteful boxes, plastics and branded inserts. Use recycled paper envelopes or bags with natural fiber filler. Some brands ship swag "naked" with removable labels to avoid disposable packaging.

The eco-conscious consumer market continues to grow. Align your brand with modern green values through environmentally-friendly promotional products. Their renewable nature and positive message convey authentic commitment to sustainability.

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