Make an Impression with Lip Balm Giveaways

  • Nov 20, 2023

Chapped, dry lips are a year-round problem, making lip balm a product that's always in demand. That's why custom printed lip balm is one of the most versatile and effective promotional products. Offer lip balm with your branding, and recipients will appreciate the usefulness while remembering your brand every time they apply it.

Here's why lip balm makes an excellent marketing giveaway:

Universal Appeal

Lip balm appeals to just about everyone. Both men and women across all age groups use lip balm daily to relieve dryness and keep lips hydrated, making your branded balm useful to a wide target audience.

Affordable Costs

Lip balm is an affordable promotional product option. Basic lip balm tubes can be produced for under $5 each at bulk quantities perfect for giveaway events and campaigns. There are also higher-end natural ingredient options.

Customization Options

Imprint your logo or branding directly onto standard lip balm tubes, or create more upscale shapes like spheres, ovals or hearts. Full color printing allows for unique designs. Choose custom flavors, ingredient formulas, and packaging like sleeves or bags.

Long Shelf Life

Lip balm has an extended shelf life of up to 2 years before expiring. Recipients are likely to keep your branded balm on hand at home, work, or in bags and use it over months or years, providing lasting exposure.

Easy Portability

The compact tube shape allows lip balm to be easily carried in pockets, purses, backpacks, gym bags and more. Recipients can conveniently bring it everywhere they go. Frequent use means frequent brand impressions.

Natural Giveaway Pairings

Lip balm perfectly complements other promotional products. Offer it alongside branded bags, sunglass cases, water bottles or other items related to an outdoor event or campaign theme.

Functional Value

Unlike trinkets, lip balm serves an important daily purpose keeping lips healthy and moisturized. The functional value strengthens brand affinity with recipients who rely on your balm.

Exposure Opportunities

Lip balm is applied multiple times per day in public and social settings, naturally creating the chance for questions and conversations about this interesting branded item. Great word-of-mouth potential.

Flavored Options

Flavored balms like grape, strawberry, mint, coconut, cinnamon, mango and more make the experience more enjoyable. Choose flavors that match your brand identity. Limited editions create buzz.

Made in the USA Appeal

Many lip balm suppliers produce balms domestically in the United States. Made in USA promotional products appeal strongly to patriotic consumers who want to support American-made goods.

Eco-Friendly Materials

For environmentally-conscious brands, suppliers offer lip balms made with organic ingredients, beeswax, plant-based oils, recycled materials, and plastic-free packaging like compostable paper tubes.

Safety Product

Unlike food items, lip balm is a non-edible giveaway that avoids any dietary restrictions. The safety and hygienic application method also makes it Covid-friendly.

Color Customization

Tinted or colored lip balm allows for unique visual branding. Match your brand colors or tie in a campaign theme with shades like pink, coral, red, purple or berry.

The next time you're planning a promotional campaign or event giveaway, consider the benefits of branded lip balm. Affordable, useful, and highly visible, it's a marketing product that leaves a lasting impression.

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