Manual Coffee Brewing Made Easy with Promotional Products

  • Mar 20, 2023

A perfectly delicious cup of coffee doesn’t always come from the hands of skilled baristas. The truth is, there are loads of ways to brew a nice cup of coffee and none of them involves spending hundreds of dollars on fancy machines. All you need is an understanding of heat, time, water chemistry, and a bit of practice to get it right.

That is why these days manual coffee making is getting more popular, especially amongst hardcore coffee connoisseurs. It allows them to have hands-on experience in brewing coffee that suits their preference. With the right equipment, they can also have control over the quality of the coffee they want to have.

Whether you’re looking to use it in your office, or give it away to your customers, a manual coffee maker is a great choice of promotional product to help your brand make an impression on your target audience.


1. Swiss Force® Coffee Press - 20oz Stainless Steel

The French Press method is one of the easiest ways of brewing luscious, flavorful coffee. That is what your customers or employees can enjoy while working from home if you have this stylish coffee press given out as a gift.

2. Asobu® Coldbrew Insulated Portable Brewer

This elegant portable brewer can produce excellent cold brew coffee that tastes so good, it made its way to Oprah’s Favorite Things list, Martha Stewart, and Forbes. Simply add some coffee grounds and cold water to get a refreshing cup of coffee. What’s more, imprint options are available so you can personalize it with your company logo.

3. Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder

Good coffee is hard to come by without freshly ground beans. The solution? A stainless steel manual coffee grinder. Use this to grind beans, nuts, and spices to your desired consistency. The metal construction makes it long-lasting and easy to clean.

Manual coffee makers are great for anyone who likes to control their own brewing process. They’re great for offices, and for those who want to get creative with their cup of joe. 

With the products we mentioned above, you can boost the productivity of your office staff or help your customers make their day, while promoting your business at the same time. In order for us to provide you with the best promotional products, feel free to call us or request a quote today!


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