Promotional Products That Generate Excitement for Product Launches

  • Sep 18, 2023

Launching a new product or service is an exciting time for any business. You've worked hard on development and now you're ready to introduce your offering to the world. A successful launch requires generating hype, buzz, and interest around the unveiling. This is where promotional products can play a huge role.

Strategic giveaways and branded items help create an experience around your launch, turn customers into brand ambassadors, and set your new product apart. As you plan your launch, here are some of the top promotional products to consider to generate excitement.

Countdown Gift Sets

In the weeks leading up to the big reveal, send customers branded gift sets with products they’ll need to use your new offering. For example, if you’re launching a new beauty service, send makeup bags with your logo filled with skincare, cosmetic, and beauty tools. Number the bags to create a countdown to launch day. Not only are you providing valuable items, but you’re building anticipation.

Branded Tech Accessories

If you’re launching a smartphone app, digital product, or other tech service, send promotional items like custom PopSockets, phone chargers, or earbuds to get people excited. Whenever someone uses that tech accessory, they’ll be reminded of your brand and upcoming launch.

Informational Product Guides

Don’t just announce your new offering and leave consumers in the dark. Publish an official guidebook, manual, or pamphlet to educate them and get them more invested. Consider printing with a unique format like a mini magazine or passport design. Use promotional copies to offer exclusive behind-the-scenes details and launch previews.

Product Packaging

Special edition packaging makes items seem more exclusive for launches. Design sleek custom boxes, bags, or wraps featuring launch branding and imagery. This differentiates your product at launch and turns it into a coveted item people want. For digital products, promote with custom USB drives mimicking your packaging.

Branded Apparel

Apparel is one of the most versatile promotional products for launches. T-shirts featuring launch slogans help build hype. Once launched, branded apparel like polos, caps, and jackets make consumers walking advertisements. Items don’t need to be expensive. Even inexpensive apparel creates brand ambassadors.

Hashtags and QR Codes

Include hashtag and QR code promotions on all launch collateral from brochures to gifts. Encouraging social shares, reviews, and engagement not only builds excitement, it lets you track and respond in real time. Use a memorable branded hashtag like #YourBrandNewProduct. Send QR codes linking to launch info, demos, or product education.

Event Specific Items

If hosting a launch party or announcement event, order branded items just for attendees. Consider glow sticks, confetti, noisemakers, signs, and other fun items to enhance the experience. For speeches or presentations, place custom mint tins and notepads at seats to keep the audience energized and attentive.

Limited Edition Offers

Limited edition promotions capitalize on a once in a lifetime moment like a new product launch. Offer an exclusive discounted pre-order price or limited edition item only available to early adopters. This urgency incentivizes customers to buy and participate right away. Limited offers won’t be around long so interested customers need to act fast.

Partnership Promotions

Team up with complementary brands to co-promote through launch merchandising. They tap into their audience while you tap into yours for shared hype. For example, a tech company could partner with an electronics retailer for co-branded charging stations or device accessories. The partnership exponentially expands reach.

Branded Packaging Supplies

If you are shipping a tangible product, customize packaging like mailing envelopes, boxes, stickers, packing slip headers, and insert cards with launch branding. This transforms an ordinary package into a memorable unboxing experience. The packaging supplies then become keepsakes for customers.

Media Kits

Generate buzz by sending media kits full of branded launch collateral to build relationships with reporters, bloggers, and the press. Include custom USB drives with product images and logos, branded notebooks, pens, magnets, and any relevant product info. Follow up with phone calls to confirm if they received their kit.

Contests and Sweepstakes

Contests capitalize on the heightened interest surrounding launches. Offer social media contests asking for launch tag photos or posts using your branded hashtag for a chance to win big prizes. Or do email collection sweepstakes for launch goodies. Contests boost engagement while you collect marketing data.

A successful product launch takes creativity and strategy. Unique promotional products help drive excitement and set your launch apart from competitors. Branded merchandise turns customers into loyal brand advocates eager to try your new offering. Rather than just announcing your launch, use promos to create a full branded experience. Partner with a promotional marketing company to start planning your perfect launch kit today.

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